0900 - Registration and welcome tea & coffee

0930 - Opening Notes from Conference Chair
Piers Cunningham, Vice President, Maritime Services, SpeedCast

0945 - Welcome Address
Arthur Bowring, Managing Director, Hong Kong Shipowners Association

1015 - Opening Address: VSAT Beyond Connectivity - Maximizing efficiencies in the Digital Age
Eric Jan Bakker, Head of Sales Asia Pacific, Marlink

1045 - Panel Session 1: The Maritime Satcom Summit
How is technology driving the future of maritime communications?
A bird’s eye view of how technology is shaping the maritime sector. What impact will the latest technologies and innovations have on the sector and how should the commercial and leisure sectors harness this potential?
Moderated by: Rob O’Dwyer, Editor, Digital Ship
Panellist include:
Eric Jan Bakker, Head of Sales Asia Pacific, Marlink
Drew Brandy, Senior Vice President, Maritime Market Strategy, Inmarsat
Christopher Lim, Senior Key Account Director Mobility, Intelsat
Joey Long, Market Development Manager, Thuraya

1130 - Tea & Coffee Break Kindly Sponsored by Thuraya

1200 - Innovation & Evolution in Maritime Connectivity
Christopher Lim, Senior Key Account Director Mobility, Intelsat

1230 - Panel Session 2: The Cyber Challenge - Managing Maritime Security and Risk
This panel will look at how the industry is reacting to the advent of increased cyber threats borne out of the growing use of cloud and IoT applications, the number of devices used, and larger ships but fewer crew - meaning even more reliance on automation and remote monitoring. The Forum will discuss what policies, guidelines and best practices are already in place, and how the industry can identify, quantify and mitigate cyber risk. We will also ask if there is a gulf between perception and reality, and what are the real business risks?
Moderated by: Rajan Vasudevan, CEO, OceanManager
Panellists include:
Pradeep Chawla, Managing Director, Quality Assurance and Training, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd
Thomas Heide, Sales Manager Asia, Dualog
Dr Stephen Li, Principal Surveyor, Shipping Registry and Seafarers’ Branch, Marine Department

1315 - Lunch break Kindly Sponsored by Dualog

1415 - Dualog Prize Draw held in Conference Room. Win Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones.

1430 - Opening Notes from Conference Chairman
Piers Cunningham, Vice President, Maritime Services, SpeedCast

1445 - BIG Data and the Importance of Integrated Analytics
Dr Ruanthi De Silva, Founder/Director, SCM PLUS (PVT) Limited

1515 - Digital Transformation and New IoT-Based Services
In 2015, ABB launched Integrated Operations, which allows ships, onshore operations, and ABB to operate on the same IoT backbone in order to deliver troubleshooting, maintenance, technical support, and software-based services in a seamless manner that reduces cost for the owner onboard
Alberto Perez-Espinosa, Business Development Manager, Marine Software & Analytics and Energy Efficiency, BU Marine and Ports, ABB

1545 - Tea & coffee break

1615 - Panel Session 3: Trends Shaping Digital Transformation across the Maritime Landscape
Shipping companies no longer have a choice about digital adoption if they want to remain relevant. A comprehensive digital strategy is fundamental to doing business today. Big data analytics are at the core of the transformation, and in many cases the means to succeed throughout that transformation.

This session will examine how organisations are using data and data driven solutions to enhance efficiency and performance.
    - How is data shaping the future of vessel operations?
    - Big data and analytics to drive innovation, competitiveness and growth
    - How is data use shaping the future of shipping?
    - Investing in innovation and sustainability
Moderated by: George J. Hoyt, FNI, IMO Maritime Ambassador
Panellists include:
Mark Haslett, Director, Procurement, Wallem Group
Dr Ruanthi De Silva, Founder/Director, SCM PLUS (PVT) Limited
Jessica Syvones, General Manager, Telemar Hong Kong Ltd.

1700 - Closing address and conference conclusions followed by the networking drinks reception

*Please note this agenda, topics and speakers may be subject to amendment/confirmation. Please contact the organiser for more details. cathy@thedigitalship.com